The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me in the fight to keep Prince’s memory alive and not stand for the media bullshit and the monster they are making him out to be.

Facedown4prince is about just that. A fuck you to negative media

We fans think it’s time for them to not make him out to be this drug addict looking for his next high.

It has been said that he didnt know he was taking the fentanyl. He thought he was taking Vicodin. And we all know he was in massive pain. Every day of his life from years of performing.

In my opinion I believe that had he gotten help sooner he might still be here. He didn’t want to die. He had so much to live for still yet to come. But he was depressed and sleeping alot and isolated himself. That breaks my heart. All of our hearts

2 days before the 2 yr anniversary he was denyed justice for the person that had gotten the drugs that were laced from. But the Dr that perscribed the Percocet was fined 30k for his writing of the perception.

Then the media mainly started showing pictures from the day before and the day of. And stuff in between.  This making him look really bad. In the media they only say what they want us to here bedamed the truth.

He may have been addicted to pain killers and it’s clear he overdosed that I understand and cam live with but the fact of the matter is someone made them and bought them and he took them unknowing that they were.

Let the purple family stand together and say enough is enough. #FACEDOWN4PRINCE don’t stand for the media drama anymore.

He will never be forgotten by me or anyome else. We just don’t want the last memory of him to be that he was like all those other stars that overdosed before him  and to be only remembered for that not the amazing talented person he truley was.

Let us send a message to make greater tighter laws for opiate addiction. Let’s make a statement to help others in the same battle get help before it’s too late. So there is no more singers being lost to this horrible drug.